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Sewing Centre - Amman Mahaleer Girls Home

HELP has continue its support of the Amman Mahaleer Girls Home.  Following a visit by our Trustees and volunteers in November 2014, we have agreed to build an extension to the Home (at a cost of c£4,000) to provide a vocational training centre for the girls and women in the local village.  The sewing centre training that we support will move into the new building, as will the girls computer studies.  It will also be used for teacher training by the local villagers. During the visit, we also agreed to buy the girls new clothes and school books for the new school year.

The sewing centre we established in 2010 continues to thrive, giving the girls a potential livelihood.  We provide free lessons in dress making etc on a weekly basis for local mothers in the village and for the eldest girls in the Home.  We have bought 6 Singer treddle sewing machines for the Home, pay the costs of the teachers and provide the cloth that is required.  We have also set up a small micro-finance scheme which enables the women and girls to buy their own sewing machines when they finish their studies.


What is HELP?

Helping East Lanka Progress (HELP) is a UK registered charity that was set up by Dr Vip Thiagarasah in August 2005 to relieve the suffering of victims affected by the devastating tsunami of December 2004 on the East Coast of Sri Lanka.

The aim of HELP is to provide assistance to the families, and specifically the children, in the Ampara district of Eastern Sri Lanka who have suffered as a result of the tsunami. HELP operates on the simple principle that all funds raised will be spent on the projects identified by the Trustees.

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Current projects

Educational and Vocational centre in Navkatadu

A local village, Navatkadu, has been recognized by the local authority as impoverished, with families living under the poverty line and children having difficulties without proper access to education. Read more »

Girls Home Sewing Centre - microfinance scheme

In 2010, HELP acquired 5 Singer sewing machines for the Amman Mahaleer girls home and paid for teachers to provide training in dress making and sewing for the older girls and single mothers in the village. Read more »

Amman Girls' Home

The Amman Girls Home in Akkaraipattu cares for 52 orphaned girls between the ages of 6 and 16. Read more »

Little Flowers School

HELP has funded free after-school classes in Tamil history, English, Science and Social Studies for the children of Thirikuvil, a village on the East Coast which was devastated by the tsunami. Read more »

Achievements to date

HELP has provided a monthly bursary to the Swami Vipulananda Home from 2006 to assist with its ongoing expenses and to employ an after-school IT teacher for the boys. We also provided funding to assist with the setting up of a sustainable farm run by the boys. The Home is now funded by other donors and no longer needs our support.

HELP has been actively providing medical and other equipment to the local hospital in Thirrukovil, which services a large population of Ampara District.
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Latest news

March 2018

The trustees agreed to fund an exciting new project in the village of Navtakadu. It involves the refurbishment of an old military barracks to provide the village with a pre- and post-school educational facility and a vocational centre for women looking to learn sewing and other skills.

February 2018

As in previous years, we were delighted to buy the girls in the Amman Mahaleer Home new clothes an school equipment for the year ahead. we also bougt new bed covers for them.

August 2017

Amy Anfilogoff and friends visited the Home and spent a wonderful day with the young girls.

April 2017

At the request of the Amman Mahaleer Orphanage, we provided funds to buy a new generator for the Home. In February, we provided funds for the girls to buy new clothes and school equipment.

June 2016

Following their visit to Sri Lanka last year to see our projects, two of our keenest supporters, Ros and Malcolm Nattrass, have kindly offered to open up their (stunning) gardens to friends and family to raise money for HELP. We'll post photos after the event and hope the weather is kind on the day...

March 2016

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have arranged to fund the bank accounts of 19 of the young girls at the Amman Mahaleer girls home to provide them with a start in life when they leave at the age of 18. The donors have agreed to provide Rps50,000 to each of the girls (c£250) over a period of up to three years. We have informed the Principal of the Home that we are keen to provide similar support to any new girls who join the home.

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