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Sewing Centre - Amman Mahaleer Girls Home

HELP has continue its support of the Amman Mahaleer Girls Home.  Following a visit by our Trustees and volunteers in November 2014, we have agreed to build an extension to the Home (at a cost of c£4,000) to provide a vocational training centre for the girls and women in the local village.  The sewing centre training that we support will move into the new building, as will the girls computer studies.  It will also be used for teacher training by the local villagers. During the visit, we also agreed to buy the girls new clothes and school books for the new school year.

The sewing centre we established in 2010 continues to thrive, giving the girls a potential livelihood.  We provide free lessons in dress making etc on a weekly basis for local mothers in the village and for the eldest girls in the Home.  We have bought 6 Singer treddle sewing machines for the Home, pay the costs of the teachers and provide the cloth that is required.  We have also set up a small micro-finance scheme which enables the women and girls to buy their own sewing machines when they finish their studies.


What is HELP?

Helping East Lanka Progress (HELP) is a UK registered charity that was set up by Dr Vip Thiagarasah in August 2005 to relieve the suffering of victims affected by the devastating tsunami of December 2004 on the East Coast of Sri Lanka.

The aim of HELP is to provide assistance to the families, and specifically the children, in the Ampara district of Eastern Sri Lanka who have suffered as a result of the tsunami. HELP operates on the simple principle that all funds raised will be spent on the projects identified by the Trustees.

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Current projects

Girls Home Sewing Centre

In 2010, HELP acquired 5 Singer sewing machines for the Amman Mahaleer girls home and paid for teachers to provide training in dress making and sewing for the older girls and single mothers in the village. Read more »

Prior to a visit in July 2009, HELP had been informed of the plight of a children’s safe house in Ampara and was asked if we would be prepared to support it. Read more »

Working with our colleagues in Komari, HELP has set up a community-based garden project in the village. Read more »

The Swami Vipulananda Children's Home in Akkraiapattu provides a safe haven to 30 boys orphaned by the tsunami and/or the civil war. Read more »

Achievements to date

HELP has been actively providing medical and other equipment to the local hospital in Thirrukovil, which services a large population of Ampara District.
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Following a very generous donation from YEAR 7 of The Latymer School (Edmonton UK), HELP has funded the building of two children's playgrounds in Komari. Read more »

Latest news

December 2014

Thanks to two very generous donations from Doreen Cooper (mother in law of our treasurer) and Dr Malcom and Ros Anfiligoff. we have been able to inform the girls Home to commence work on a small extension to the Home to provide a vocational training centre. The girls will use this for their computer studies and for their sewing centre lessons. The local village will also use it for teacher training.

November 2014

Following a visit by Trustees. we arranged for electricity to be connected to the Amman pre-school and bought them some cabinets for the children's book and personal effects. We also agreed to pay for new clothes for all of the girls in the Amman Mahaleer girls home and to buy their school books.

September 2014

With huge thanks to the Thomas family, we were able to buy a three wheel vehicle for the Amman Girls Home. They are delighted with the tuk-tuk and make regular use of it to get the weekly food etc from the local town and to run the girls to the local doctor when needed.

August 2014

Following their successful, and exciting, drive from Essex to Thailand (via China), Will Woodward and Elliot Ball raised £415 for HELP - many thanks to both...

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