Komari Temporary Housing Development

The village of Komari was completely washed away by the tsunami in 2004. Following a visit in July 2005, the Trustees of HELP linked up with CFDR to assist in the construction of temporary houses for the families of the village who were displaced by the tsunami. All 750 families of the village were initially displaced and housed in tented refugee camps on the outskirts of the village. SOS, a Dutch NGO, was awarded the contract to build permanent houses but construction was very slow. At the time of our visit in July 2005 (7 months after the disaster), only 3 permanent houses had been built.

With CFDR, HELP set about providing semi-permanent houses for the villagers. These houses were built in a traditional wooden/mud brick style (using local and natural materials) with the roofs made from plaited palm leaves. The houses were built by the villagers themselves and would last at least 20 years.

Each temporary house cost approx £300. It was due specifically to the generosity of the children and staff of the King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford (KEGS), that HELP was able to fund the construction of 19 houses for the displaced in Komari. This made a dramatic difference to the lives of many in the village.

KEGS and HELP's other generous donors can be very proud of the contribution they have made to the lives of the families of Komari. As Trustees, we have been privileged to see the smiles on the children of Komari who were living desperate lives in tented refugee camps prior to the temporary houses being built.

We discussed the possibility of further housing development with our colleagues at CFDR during the February 2006 visit to Komari. The situation was much improved – SOS had commenced the construction of more permanent houses, initially for the elderly, and there were only a handful of families still in tents, all of whom had funding for temporary houses. In the circumstance, we agreed to employ our funds on other worthy causes in Komari and the region.

Our thanks go to our donors for this wonderful achievement


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Latest news

December 2019

Thanks to generous support from a number of our donors, HELP has been able to provide emergency food parcels to families suffering from severe flooding in local villages around Akkaraipattu.

Again, thanks to generous support from donors, HELP has been able to buy new clothes and equipment for the girls in the Amman Mahaleer Home, arrange for their bedrooms to be repainted and for the Home to acquire a fridge.

August 2019

Thanks to a very generous donation from one of our donors, the Girls' Home was able to complete the build-out of a small shop adjoining the Home, which allows the girls to sell the clothes they make in the vocational centre.

July 2019

Eight girlsjoined the Girls' Home in Akkaraipattu in July, which presented significant financial pressures on the Home. HELP agreed to provide the necessary funding for the girls to ensure that they could be housed safely.

November 2018

HELP funded new equipment and clothes for the girls in the Amman Mahaleer home and provided new school books for the children in the Little Flowers educational facility in Akkaraipattu.

March 2018

The trustees agreed to fund an exciting new project in the village of Navtakadu. It involves the refurbishment of an old military barracks to provide the village with a pre- and post-school educational facility and a vocational centre for women looking to learn sewing and other skills.

February 2018

As in previous years, we were delighted to buy the girls in the Amman Mahaleer Home new clothes an school equipment for the year ahead. we also bougt new bed covers for them.

August 2017

Amy Anfilogoff and friends visited the Home and spent a wonderful day with the young girls.

April 2017

At the request of the Amman Mahaleer Orphanage, we provided funds to buy a new generator for the Home. In February, we provided funds for the girls to buy new clothes and school equipment.

June 2016

Following their visit to Sri Lanka last year to see our projects, two of our keenest supporters, Ros and Malcolm Nattrass, have kindly offered to open up their (stunning) gardens to friends and family to raise money for HELP. We'll post photos after the event and hope the weather is kind on the day...

March 2016

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have arranged to fund the bank accounts of 19 of the young girls at the Amman Mahaleer girls home to provide them with a start in life when they leave at the age of 18. The donors have agreed to provide Rps50,000 to each of the girls (c£250) over a period of up to three years. We have informed the Principal of the Home that we are keen to provide similar support to any new girls who join the home.

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